February 2012 – Lola Lo Lincoln Opens

Phew! It’s been a very busy 2011/2012 and we think the best place to start our news update is with a rundown of our new Lola Lo clubs…

Edinburgh Lola Lo opened on 18th August 2011, and is very nearly at its 1st anniversary of bringing a slice of the South Pacific to Scotland! The club stocks only the finest spirits, including 15 speciality rums, and follows the Eclectic philosophy of providing great service to its themed Tiki Tables and Booths.

Lola Lo opened to huge anticipation on Friar Street in Reading in September 2011, and had an amazing opening weekend. Customers love the eclectic music and private booths, plus the club has a truly unique outdoor terrace area complete with full bar that was as popular in winter as it is proving to be through summer evenings.

Sakura in Lincoln said its final ‘Sayonara’ in February 2012, and reopened six weeks later with a bit ‘Aloha’ as a Lola Lo. The club is in a unique position in the city to provide a fun and care-free atmosphere, featuring authentic Polynesian décor, hand-carved woods, private booths, and even a dressing up box! Lincoln’s Lola Lo is going from strength to strength, and looks forward to its first intake of Tiki students to the city in September, while maintaining popularity with the weekend customers.

Bournemouth Lola Lo opened on Richmond Hill in early February 2012, and the 500 capacity club makes great use of its unique setup. You enter into the upper level and can enjoy early evening drinks at Lola’s bar, then venture downstairs into the club to experience the darker side of Tiki! The team experienced a huge opening weekend, and Lola Lo continues to be the premium venue of choice for Bournemouth’s nightlife.